The Collective hits up ISPO

We decided to travel to ISPO for a day to meet some of the manufacturers. We had a day there and decided to do the whole trip in one day, Chamonix to Munich and back. We left at on Tuesday the 8th and travelled there and then left at to come home. This adventure can be broken down into some key facts! There were 3000 companies, we drove 1000km, were away for 21 hours, drank 12 cans of RedBull, had 8 meetings, travelled through 4 countries (twice) and got one speeding ticket. Happy days!

The 4FRNT Stand

Salomons Range for 11/12


Rossignols S3 S7 and Super 7’s


A new rockered ski from Black Crows

Another new ski from Black Crows, very nice!

So the video didn’t really work, but here it is anyway…