Lac Vert

It has been another sunny day here in Chamonix and it looks like it will be staying this way for a couple more days. The snow that was expected for the weekend now looks as if it might not be coming; so here is another description of a hike that you might want to do to keep you occupied.

Lac Vert is beautiful this time of year and still perfect for an afternoon picnic, though you might want to bring an extra layer to keep warm.  All the leaves on the trees are changing colour, the lake is really green and it’s also nice and quiet.  To get up to Lac Vert you have to drive up to the top of Servoz and then hike for about 45 mins up a 4×4 track (it says 1h 10m on the sign). Alternatively you can drive up to Plan Joux and park at Lac Vert but I think the other way is nicer and means you get a bit of exercise too.