Plan d’Aiguille….again

Thinking that the snow that feel on Sunday night would not amount to much we got up a little late on Monday and headed up to Plan d’Aiguille to see what we could find. To our amazement the snow conditions where fantastic. The little bit of fresh snow that had fell overnight was sitting on top of a smooth surface and in the trees it was a lot deeper than we expected! We skied 6 really fast, fun lines, a total of 6800 vertical meters before our legs finally gave up and we dragged ourselves to the nearest bar to enjoy the last bit of sun before it disappeared out of the valley.

I was testing out Eric Hjorleifson new ski, the 4FRNT HOJI that will be available from next year. I really enjoyed it, big turns on the open fields where a pleasure and when it became a little tighter further into the trees they pivoted quickly, allowing me to get those few extra powder turns before re-entering the more tracked out areas. On the chalky snow in a couloir we found they gripped superbly and transitioned quickly from edge to edge so you could really let them loose.