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Every year we all want for the newest equipment, assured that this years latest side cut or rocker profile will turn you pro. Needless to say, its rarely the case. There is a definite case for people to let the aesthetics of skis determine their choice of which ones are for them, and manufacturers know this and invest large amounts of money researching and creating new graphics each year. Ideally you would get to test each pair of skis to want in different snow conditions over a few days, for most of us this isn’t possible. A solution as presented itself in the form of the Blister Gear Review website. Heres what they have to say…

Blister Gear Review was born from a passion for playing in the mountains, and a corresponding frustration with the lack of honest, available information about the gear we use to do what we love.

Blister Gear Review’s mission is to offer the most informed, honest, and in-depth reviews of ski, snowboard, and mountain bike equipment.