We recently came across photographer Alexandre Buisse and thought we’d share some of his images. Heres what he has to say about himself.

“I am a commercial mountain adventure photographer, living in Chamonix and shooting mountaineering, rock climbing, ski touring, fell running and all sorts of fun one can have in the hills. I moved here last November, though having grown up in Lyon, I have visited the valley since a young age – I learned to ski in the Planards and learned to love the mountains through many summer hikes around Mont Blanc. I do travel a lot, having had the opportunity to climb in Nepal, Yosemite, Peru, Alaska, Scotland and many other world ranges. Most recently, I just came back from a month long expedition to Patagonia, shooting adventure racing and (not very successfully) trying to get to the top of granite spires.”

“My work has been used by Patagonia, Black Diamond, Petzl, Montane and other big brands, as well as published in Alpinist, Climbing, Climb among others. I also produce large fine art prints, usually of my mountain landscapes. Finally, I have written two books about mountain photography, Remote Exposure and Extreme Perspectives.”