No Ordinary Skiing

A much needed behind the scenes look at the Ordinary Skier by Nate Wallace, the Cal/Cham Local who was guiding the guys around Chamonix. We were a bit disappointed with the film here at Collective Towers but this fun video from Nate shows another no nonsense look at what they got up too, some familiar faces and some nice lines from around Chamonix.
This is what Nate says: “Who would have thought that Oakley would just give me the footage from The Ordinary Skierto do a behind-the-scenes edit? But that was exactly what happened. I called the producer Greg Strokes and he said okay, call C.P., and good luck.

What came in the mail was a hard-drive with footage spanning two years in Chamonix shot by Constantine Papanicolaou, Chris Figenshau, Matt Herriger, Christian Pondella, and myself.

I found myself laughing. Squeezed between a few great runs were jokes, laughter, smiles, and life-changing moments. I got to go ski around with Seth Morrison, Kye Petersen, and J.P. Auclair in one of the wildest places on the planet. Talk about good times. —Nate Wallace”

Thanks to for the story.