ALLY SWINTON – ‘Supercouloir’

A recent post on Ally Swintons Blog of him and some friends from far far away in Ecosse.

“After a lot of dithering about what to do next we decided it would be a safer bet to go up the Midi and climb something up there. I hadn’t been up there for about 3 weeks so wasn’t sure what would be in good condition. The best idea I could come up with was to take a small bivvy tent, that Rab kindly supplied me with, and head for the East face of the Tacul. If everything was in poor condition I thought a safe bet would be ‘Scotch on the Rocks’ or ‘Vol du Nuit’. But as we neared the face we were greated with a lot more snow and ice than anticipated. To our delight ‘Supercouloir’ was looking really healthy, the main couloir was a nice colouir and also the direct looked quite fat. Greg and I had been wanting to climb this ultra classic alpine route for a few years so we were super excited to both be here and to have the place to ourselves. Not having much faith in how this warm weather was going to act the next day we agreed that it’d be best to climb at night! So we quickly and easily put up the tent and got some food in our bellies. Then off we went for a wee adventure!”