Flegere 24th Jan

Flegere 24Conditions today in Flegere were soft, quiet and sunny. Straight off we headed up the Floria to see what we could find. To our surprise we found the conditions to be soft and deep in places. The large windlip was on and all the way down there was enough gaps between the tracks to get some fresh turns. Rather than taking the slow lower chair back up to the midstation, we made sure we cut out early enough to get the cat track back to the Index. flegere 24 powder slash

After running into a couple of friends we decided to take a change from our normal route and ventured into the Lachenal bowl. Keeping on the high traverse skiers right gave us access to the large face of tracked but still soft powder. Conditions lower down were a bit heavy and chopped, but worth it for the top section. Flegere 24 nina

We finished our day at 4pm after a ski back down to the car park. Conditions are still ok, not too many rocks on the corners. However when the piste straightens out, it is a little icy.

Over the Rock