Grand Montets Conditions + Edit

With rain falling in Chamonix last night, most people thought that the best idea today would be to head high! This meant either the Midi or top of Grand Montets. We took our chances with Grand Montets and booked ourselves top tickets for 11.25. We arrived late at GM, but given the time of the year, we didn’t expect to queue for too long, but we were wrong! Opting for the chair lift as the tele cabin queue was out the door, we rounded the corner to find the lift line stretching 20mins back.

Once up we headed straight for the Herse to get a few laps in before our top ticket. Choosing to go skiers right off the lift, as this was the way the wind was blowing, we stumbled upon some nice windblown powder that lead us all the way back to the piste. The snow was mostly smooth but a little tricky to get used to, after finding out speed was your friend, things quickly started to look up though. Nina on the other hand was having no problems on her snowboard!

The top bin was running a little slow because of the wind, so we had to wait a little while before our reservation. Once at the top we found out why; the wind was very strong and almost took your skis off you as you made your way down the stairs. We quickly got ourselves ready and headed off down the back to avoid the wind. Waiting a little down the hill, we watched to see the conditions as others made their way down and decided to return to the front face. Back on the front we could see that the wind had blown a lot of snow into the dip on the far skiers right. The snow here was great, very smooth, wind blown but still a little soft and lots of fun! We skied top to bottom,camera on, not wanting to stop as we would lose our speed.  This is where the footage from the edit is from.

We managed one Lavancher right down the middle. The snow there was also smooth and windblown like the top.  However the conditions deteriorated a lot lower down, so we headed through the tunnel. By the time we arrived back at the mid station the lifts had closed as the wind was now too strong.

The forecast for the next few days says snow. Hopefully the temperature and wind will drop too and we can enjoy a little more powder before the holidays start up again! Weather forcast link here.