New Snow In Chamonix, Finally!

It has finally snowed again in Chamonix, we couldn’t have lasted much longer! Things were beginning to look at little bit bear on the slopes around Chamonix, especially on the south facing slopes but luckily the snow Gods heard the desperate cries from all the locals and visitors. More snow has fallen on the Italian side of Mont Blanc with around 30-40cm but Chamonix has still seen a fair amount. Remember that the rocks are still very close to the surface at the moment so take a little care when jumping about. Reports say the snow was a little wet but this is maybe not a bad thing as it may help stabilise the weaker layers in the snow (read a previous post on the avalanche dangerous of the current snowpack here).

For a more in-depth report on the conditions in Courmayeur head over to Lorne’s blog here.